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Welcome to Love Joy Vineyards. Today is November 1, 2023

Picking Season is almost over. Come get some of the best muscadine grapes in the state.


The Hall, Ison, Carlos and Summit are mostly gone but we still have plenty of Supreme, Late Frye, Tara and Hunt. 

We prune half the vines late so half our vines bloom late.  We will have grapes just a few more weeks.      


Price of Grapes if you pick is $1 per pound except the remaining Ison and Noble and Carlos are only $0.50 per pound.           

We will pick grapes for $0.50 to $1.00 per pound, depending on quantity and type of grapes.


Fuyu Persimmons are now ripe ($3 per pound and Old Timey Canning Pears $0.50 per pound

We are on open on Friday, and Saturday from 9 to 5 and Sunday 1 to 5

You can pick at other times by appointment.  Text 919 233 1111 for more info. 




Love Joy Vineyard is a family owned farm located about eight miles north of Troy and eighteen miles south of Asheboro at 3821 Love Joy Road in Troy, North Carolina.  

With over 900 grapevines and ten different varieties of muscadine grapes, there is something here the whole family can enjoy. 

Our varieties include:  Summit, Tara, Carlos, Noble, Hunt, Frye, Hall, Ison, Black Beauty, and Supreme.  These varieties vary in color.  some are black and some are bronze.  Some people call the bronze grapes "Scuppernongs" and the dark grapes "Muscadines' but all these grapes are classified as muscadines.  Most are much bigger and sweeter than the ones found in the woods.  

Our sweetest grapes are Frye, a bronze grape  and Black Beauty, a black or purple grape but there is not a single one on the vine that we don't think you will enjoy! The sweetest ones are 23% sugar.

Girls in LJV shirts EDITED.jpg

Pick Your Own

You can't get more local than picking your own grapes at Love Joy Vineyards.  We have a variety of muscadine grapes.  So come pick some grapes at our farm and you will know you’re enjoying something sustainably produced.

Don't have time to pick your own?  We've got you covered.  Call ahead and we are happy to pick grapes for you.  

Get Our Gear

While you are at the vineyard, check out our LoveJoy Vineyard T-shirts.  Super soft Bell + Canvas Tri-Blend T-Shirt.  Sizes X2-XL, in Purple (shown above) or green.  Shirts are $22/each.  

Want a shirt but can't come by the farm?  Contact us below and we will get one over to you!

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